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This Friday, Don't Miss the Full Wolf Moon Eclipse

The first full moon of the year coincides with the first eclipse of the year.January 07, 2020The first full moon of the new year is taking place this Friday and it is a good one as it happens to coincide with an eclipse. Full moons happen every 29.5 days. This one is called the Wolf Moon, named after the wolves that howled at it out of hunger during the winter months.
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Billionaire to Distribute 10 Million Free Face Masks in Vending Machines in Hong Kong

This hero will donate million of face masks to help low-income communities through vending machines.April 10, 2020Hong Kong is on the brink of facing a second spike in COVID-19 cases and prompted by the soaring prices of face masks and the shortage of supply, Adrian Cheng, a billionaire art collector, is launching a new initiative that will provide millions of free medical-grade face masks to the low-income families and disadvantaged groups of Hong Kong.
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Nintendo NES set to make a stylish comeback

May 13, 2014Old school gamers will know that modern video games just don& 39;t quite offer the challenge of retro games. They required some serious hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills and pattern recognition. Now, hardcore Nintendo fans will be pleased to know that Analogue Interactive is set to bring back the NES in stylish fashion.
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Top 10 of the Coolest Offices

February 18, 2014The office is working space for many of us and it becomes some sort of boring to go there every day. And it happens at some moment, no matter what your employer does to diversify the working environment. However, here is a list of several offices that would make you wonder for how long will be funny to work there.
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Energy & Environment

Theory Claims That Forests Not Only Create Rain but Also Wind

The controversial study created huge controversy amongst peers.June 22, 2020It& 39;s been largely accepted that big forests around the world, such as the Amazon in Brazil and the boreal forests in Russia, create rain.Russian theorist, Anastassia Makarieva of the Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, has proposed a controversial theory that forests also produce wind.
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