This electric powered wakeboard lets you surf the waves like a hoverboard

This electric powered wakeboard lets you surf the waves like a hoverboard

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Swedish based Raddin are trying to revolutionise extreme water sports with their electric powered wakeboard. The device lets you surf the waves as if you were on a hoverboard and it's probably the closest you're going to get to one for a while.

[Image Source: Raddin]

Founder and Swedish wakeboarder Philip Werner devised the electric-powered board in 2012 while studying at Lund University and it's currently at working prototype stage. The board is manufactured from carbon fiber and including the battery, weighs about 29 kg.

The speed is controlled from a wireless handheld device which we imagine is strapped to the wrist to prevent you from losing it. Standard wakeboard foot bindings come with the board and can be taken off for newbies as to allow them to lie and kneel on the board first.

A lithium ion battery provides the power for a salt water-resistant jet propulsion system which can send you across the waters at 29 mph (46 km/h), although the final product is expected to be a little faster. The battery is contained in a watertight compartment and offers around 45 and 60 minutes of mixed speeds before running out. It's also easily replaceable in case you need to pop in a replacement.

[Image Source: Raddin]

The team are currently working to improve battery life and top speed before taking pre-orders for €13,600 (£10,000 or $17,500) later in the year. Current plans set production to begin in early 2015.

They're also not the first on the market though. They'll be competing with the likes of the the Waterwolf and the Aquila Electric Surfboard.

Watch the video: The first DIY electric surfboard kit (September 2022).


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