A Needlefish Jumps Out of The Sea and Stabs Boy in the Neck

A Needlefish Jumps Out of The Sea and Stabs Boy in the Neck

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A teenager in Indonesia was impaled by a fish that lept out of the ocean, spearing him through the neck.

Muhammad Idul, the 16-year-old boy told the BBC that what was supposed to be a fishing trip with a school friend turned into a nightmare when the fish jumped out of the water stabbing him in the neck.

Warning: The article includes a image readers may find disturbing. View's discretion advised.

During the late-night fishing trip, Idul was meeting his friend in the ocean, following a little behind in his own boat. When his friend turned on a flashlight, the needlefish leaped out of the water. Idul fell off the boat with the fish's jaws impaled in his neck. According to the BBC, the fish was still thrashing trying to escape.


Idul was able to swim to shore, all the while holding the 75cm long needlefish still. The boy was rushed to the hospital, which was an hour-and-a-half from their village. The doctors were able to get most of the fish out of Idul's neck, leaving just the head. Lacking the right equipment to help further, he was sent to the capital of South Sulawesi for further care.

Idul is still recovering from the incident, which occurred five days ago, but doctors are optimistic he can be released in a few days. They still want to monitor his condition before he can go back to his village.

"I just need to be more careful next time. Needlefish can't tolerate light - that was why it jumped out of the water and stabbed me," he told the BBC.

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