Inside of Luxury Boeing 777 Jet That Is Now Flying COVID-19 Cargo Instead of VIP Passengers

Inside of Luxury Boeing 777 Jet That Is Now Flying COVID-19 Cargo Instead of VIP Passengers

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Some airline companies and individuals are offering their flying services to help deliver and transport essential COVID-19 medical supplies around the world. For instance, a young teen in the U.S. is flying medical goods to rural hospitals, the world's largest cargo plane the Antonov is moving essential supplies across the globe, and even the American football team the New England Patriots' private jet has been lent for the occasion.

As the travel industry is taking a huge hit, airlines have more capacity to help by transporting cargo instead.

Now, luxury private jet lines are joining the fight too, one such company is Crystal Cruises who is offering up its Boeing 777 jet that usually transports VIP passengers to instead transport COVID-19 goods.


Luxury takes on a new meaning

Luxury cruise company, Crystal Cruises, is the latest to join to COVID-19 supply transportation effort by assigning its Boeing 777-200LR VIP jet operated by Comlux Aviation, for moving cargo. It flew its first mission Monday.

Crystal Cruises 777-200LR VIP Jet descending for Indianapolis, initially thought it was stopping in ANC. Probably more masks. Thanks @WatcherCtp for the

— MarkyMark (@Fiicaan) April 16, 2020

Instead of focusing on its usually-dazzling VIP passenger area, the focus will now be on its cargo belly. The Crystal Skye, as it's called, is usually used for chartered flights, but can also carry almost 50 tonnes of cargo with up to a 16-hour flight range, as per what the vice president and managing director Richard Ziskind told Business Insider.

During its first COVID-19 mission the Crystal Skye's cargo load flew from Fort Myers in Florida to Shanghai in China.

Below are some images of the impressive jet as well as its cargo loading zone:

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