17 Challenging Brain Teasers and Puzzles for Kids and Adults

17 Challenging Brain Teasers and Puzzles for Kids and Adults

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Amid coronavirus pandemic, many of us have to stay at home for an extended amount of time. While there are Netflix shows to chill and workout videos to stay fit, there are also challenging puzzles to keep you busy for hours. Even if you're a frequent puzzle solver, you may need to increase the difficulty level to feel challenged.

Whether you prefer 500-piece jigsaw puzzles or other brain teasers, you will activate every single part of your brain while trying to solve what we've got in the store for you.

Take a look at this list of 3D brain teasers and jigsaw puzzles that we've selected and prepare to rack your brains out!


1. Full Moon Puzzle

This 1000-piece puzzle will keep you entertained for hours while challenging you. The stunning image of the Moon is only an extra! If you can't solve it, you don't need to worry since you can find the solution on the back.

2. Ravensburger Krypt Puzzle Gold 631 Piece

If you have a lot of time to solve things and a lot of patience, you are in the right place because this puzzle is not easy to solve without going crazy.

It has the smallest pieces you've ever seen, and it all yellow! It comes with a guide too. If you're a puzzle person, this is a great challenge for you.

3. LEGO Creator Expert Old Trafford - Manchester United

This is a fun and detailed project that offers a lovely memory of Manchester United by LEGO.

You'll feel the matchday atmosphere in your house after completing the model that comes with 3,898-pieces. It'll be a proud addition to your home or office.

4. Bgraamiens Puzzle-The Lines

If you define yourself as a puzzle master, you'd better think again. How long can you deal with this 1000-piece puzzle that is basically an image of a basic black line scribbled on white paper? You'll need to work things in your own way, and maybe find many possibilities among these challenging lines.

5. Practically Impossible Clear Jigsaw Puzzle

There are no clues that can help you while solving this clear-pieced puzzle. It's almost impossible to determine which piece fits which, and as its name implies, it's a "practically impossible" puzzle.

Try all the, may we say, puzzibilities for maximum fun and challenge!

6. Gradient Color Rainbow Large Round Jigsaw Puzzle

If you think you like abstract stuff more, here is a 1000-piece puzzle with all the colors. It is a feast for eyes; however, it's just really really hard. Instead of the old regular square, this circular jigsaw puzzle will give you a different view.

7. Project Genius Constantin Puzzles - Waiter's Tray

If you're looking for a fun, challenging activity, it's time to start the engines. In order to win the game, you need to move the bottles so that they can be removed from under the waiter tray. Also, this game improves the spatial reasoning skills, so it is good for kids.

8. Hanayama Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle

Can you put the puzzle back together after disassembling the puzzle? Just use your brain and fingers simultaneously. It may look like a simple design, but this metallic puzzle is designed to improve your thinking skills.

9. Wooden Puzzle Magic Ball

A puzzle to entertain people of all ages! This wooden ball which seems easy to assemble requires careful thinking and understanding of its internal structure. It provides exercise for your brain and improves problem-solving skills. You can play with your children as well.

10. Space Puzzle 1000 Piece

This jigsaw puzzle will make astronomy enthusiasts who are bored with classic animal puzzles happy. It will keep you busy for a very long time since it's full of planets and stars. For family puzzle nights, it's a good start for teaching your children the solar system and outer space.

11. 3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

If you were a Tetris lover when you were a kid, you'll love this modern Tetris game that's built of wooden. It will allow you to relieve stress while challenging you.

It's also a nice brain teaser that will keep you busy for a while and strengthen your brain functions.

12. 3D Metal Brain Teasers Puzzle

A 3D magnetic puzzle for those who prefer modern puzzles instead of classic games made of wood. Small enough to fit in your pocket, you can play this game anywhere. It's a good way to exercise your brain. You can keep it at your desk when you're bored to play around.

13. 3D Wooden Puzzle-Mechanical Model

After assembling this 3D wooden roller coaster, you can start playing. The ball has to roll among the track, and it is a bit challenging to achieve that. Moreover, you can use it as a decoration on your office desk. While playing, you can bring your family together around it, and the whole family can spend a few hours having fun.

14. 1000 Pieces Color Challenge

This is a round puzzle that's different from most traditional puzzles. If you like to paint in your spare time, this puzzle will most definitely intrigue you. The most challenging thing in this puzzle is that every petal is almost identical.

15. Titanic Toys Model Ship

This 3D puzzle aimed at adults enables you to recreate the majestic cruise ship Titanic at night. You will be creating a memory of the ship and keeping it in your office or room.

Moreover, it comes with a lighting effect with 85 LED bulbs located under the deck. It could be a nice gift for your loved ones, or you can use it as a home decoration.

16. Views of Modern Rome

Look deeper into this masterpiece by Giovanni Paolo Pannini, and get to know the ancient depictions of Rome in more detail with this 5000-piece puzzle.

It's a very satisfying and challenging puzzle for art enthusiasts. If you are thinking about doing this puzzle at the dinner table, don't do it since it may take a few weeks to complete.

17. The Sun and Moon Constellation Puzzle

How about a little closer look at the zodiac signs? This puzzle consists of 500 pieces, and it is not so hard. It will bring your family together, and make everyone busy. It is also a great gift for your friends who are interested in astrology or a prank-gift for that engineer in your life who just hates astrology.

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