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New Chinese Skyscraper Is Built with Structures That Look like Eyes

New Chinese Skyscraper Is Built with Structures That Look like Eyes

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RMJM's Shenzhen studio in China is creating a new skyscraper called the New Pingshan Eye. The building features two eye-resembling structures, one at the top of the skyscraper and one in the middle.


"RMJM’s design focuses on two juxtaposed concepts of ‘ Openness’ and ‘Enclosure’. The outdoor spaces face away from the buildings to welcome people into them. RMJM came up with a unique visual feature into the project through the concept of ‘Eyes of Pingshan’," states RMJM's web page.

"The eye-shape ornaments carved in the upper and middle part of the 300-meter main tower create an unusual visual while also appearing to pull back the facade to reveal the building inside; another nod towards the ‘openness’ theme."

"Enclosure’ is achieved by situating the open, outdoor spaces several stories above street-level, creating a sense of safety and protection from the busy world outside of the complex."

There are also plans for a smaller multipurpose cultural building with a green roof to be located nearby. A few other greenery-topped buildings are also in the works.

These will also showcase the eye motif on their facades. There was an official groundbreaking ceremony already. Meanwhile, the first phase of the project is due to be completed in 2022, if COVID-19 doesn't interfere.

The final product will be "an urban mixed-use complex which includes high-standard office buildings, a five-star hotel, a boutique hotel, commercial area, cultural facilities, and a bus station."

The first images of the structure have been released and they showcase a beautiful exterior that fits well into China's landscape. The lines running up and down the building give it a futuristic look that truly complements its two so-called eyes. We look forward to the unveiling of this building so we can finally see it in real life.

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