India Considering Banning 275 Chinese Apps, Including PUBG

India Considering Banning 275 Chinese Apps, Including PUBG

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Last month, as tensions grew between India and China, the first decided to ban 59 Chinese apps including short video app TikTok. Now, it looks like 275 more might be added to that list, according to The Economic Times.


India said it would examine the rest of these apps for any violation of national security and user privacy. The list includes gaming app PUBG as well as Resso and ULike from TikTok-owner ByteDance.

“The government may ban all, some or none from the list,” said one person cited by The Economic Times.

Meanwhile, official sources revealed ongoing reviews of the Chinese apps and their funding are underway.

“Some of these apps have been red-flagged due to security reasons while others have been listed for violation of data sharing and privacy concerns,” an official explained. Government officials will also examine the alleged flow of data from these apps to China since it may pose a threat to the sovereignty and integrity of India.

The apps being banned are quite popular in the country. TikTok had more than 200 million users before being banned while PUBG has collected more than 50 million.

China and India have been increasingly fighting over the last few months resulting in a clash on June 15. The two nations have been in a continued military standoff.

It all began in late May when Chinese forces objected to Indian road construction in the China-controlled Galwan River valley. This escalated into melee fighting on June 15 that saw the deaths of 20 Indian soldiers and 43 Chinese ones.

Both sides were also reported to have captured soldiers from the opposition that were later released. China's Defense Ministry said that the clash was "completely caused by the Indian side's violation of consensus and unilateral provocation," according to the China Global Television Network.

The unfortunate clash came after ministry officials from both sides had agreed to take measures to ease the tension in the Galwan Valley during a meeting on June 6.

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