Train Derailment Causes Bridge to Partially Collapse and Sets Fire Near Phoenix

Train Derailment Causes Bridge to Partially Collapse and Sets Fire Near Phoenix

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A blazing fire and train derailment caused a bridge to partially collapse on Wednesday, reported NBC News. Tempe first responders rushed to the rail bridge over Tempe Town Lake to try and get a handle on the situation.


ALERT— avoid the Rio Salado/Ash Curve in Tempe. Train derailment with fire and bridge collapse. @TempePolice and Fire working the scene.

— Sylvia Moir (@ChiefMoir) July 29, 2020

"The south side of the bridge collapsed and rail cars fell into an empty park below," Union Pacific said in a statement.

"Three tank cars were on the ground under the bridge. Two contained cyclohexanone; one contained a rubber material. None are reported leaking, and no tank cars were involved in the fire."

However, cyclohexane is harmful if inhaled making the situation a dangerous and tricky one to handle. Union Pacific also added that it had inspected the bridge on July 9 indicating that the organization is not likely responsible for the event.

Luckily, the fire caused no casualties. Tempe Mayor Corey Woods told KPNX that the first thing authorities check in such situations is to see if there are any injuries or casualties. "And I'm pleased to report that so far we have definitely not gotten any reports of any fatalities as a result of this incident," added Woods.

Tempe Assistant Fire Chief Andrea Glass also told KPNX that burning cars on the bridge made fighting the fire more complicated. Glass added that some cars will be lost for good.

Hazardous materials crews were also dispatched to the scene and the National Institutes of Health is investigating the fire. The fire, despite being devastating, seems to have been handled well by all authorities involved.

In general, in such situations, we hear of at least some injuries or casualties and this has not been the case with this fire. No news was given as to the status of the train.

Watch the video: Arizona Train Derailment Ignites Massive Fire, Bridge Partially Collapses (September 2022).


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