Boston Dynamics's Spot Now Available in Europe and Canada

Boston Dynamics's Spot Now Available in Europe and Canada

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People living in Europe and Canada can now buy Spot the robot dog, one of Boston Dynamics' well-known and all-rounder robots, as per Boston Dynamics' official press release.

Spot has been developed for a number of uses. It is able to assist over numerous industries, from construction and oil rigs, to medical assistance. And unsurprisingly, Spot is getting ready to handle it all.


It was a great day for Boston Dynamics on Wednesday as it declared that Spot was ready for sale in new markets such as Canada, the U.K., and the E.U. As Spot is the robotics company's first official commercially available product, it's clear to see what an exciting moment this is for Boston Dynamics.

The company has been developing Spot to be able to carry out a number of different types of jobs, and it's not done yet. The plan for the robo dog is to include a robot arm as of January 2021, per Venturebeat's interview with Boston Dynamics' CEO Robert Playter.

It comes at quite a "good" time in some ways, as the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing industries and companies to move towards less human-to-human contact and to increase automation. Given Spot's myriad automatic ways of operating, it's clear to see how a number of parties would be interested in purchasing one for themselves or their company.

They'll just have to be ready to pay about $74,500 (prices are different per market). Currently, Spot Explorer comes with two batteries, the battery charger, the tablet controller, a robot case, a power case, and Python client packages for Spot APIs. For any extra add-ons there's an additional price.

You can buy two Spots via the company's portal — if you need or want more, you have to buy them through two different price options: Academic or Enterprise.

Per the press release, companies that have shown so far interest are:

  • "Internationally-renowned architecture firm Foster + Partners used Spot to enable real-time construction monitoring of their Battersea Power Station project in London.
  • Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, enlisted Spot to improve efficiency and reliability of their industrial operations through remote sensing and inspection of a thermal exhaust treatment plant.
  • Kvaerner Stord leveraged Spot to test automated tracking and management of 100,000 assets in surveying its 200,000 square meter shipyard through visual asset tracking technology, computer vision, and 360° imagery."

Other markets can access buying the 'bot through Boston Dynamics' Early Adopter Program, per TechCrunch.

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