Amazon Announces 100,000 Job Openings Across the US and Canada

Amazon Announces 100,000 Job Openings Across the US and Canada

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While many people have feared that they could lose their jobs during these trying times with the pandemic and all, some new opportunities have just come up. Amazon offers many job openings amid the chaos. There is one requirement though: you might have to reside in the U.S. or in Canada.

Amazon has recently announced that it is hiring 100,000 people to work in their full-time and part-time positions. Given the lay-offs are wreaking havoc all over the world, it appears as quite a number for now. The employees in selected cities will receive sign-on bonuses up to $1,000 and that's not the only benefit the company offers.


The minimum wage will be at least $15 per hour, as stated by the company.

For full-time employees, the insurance will cover health, vision, and dental expenses starting from the first day of employment. The company also agrees to match the employees' contributions up to 50% of the retirement plan, 401(k). Let's not forget to mention up to 20 weeks of paid parental leave and being able to attain top courses in great-demand fields at Amazon’s Career Choice program — 95% of each course's price will be pre-paid by the company as well.

"Our expansion also comes with an unwavering commitment to safety. Collectively, our new team members have already completed more than 1,200,000 hours of safety training, with over 500,000 more hours expected, to ensure that in addition to fast and efficient delivery for our customers, we’re providing a safe and modern environment for our employees and partners,” Dave Clark, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations at Amazon, indicated.

The company reportedly opened 33,000 corporate and technology positions last week. It seems that "the everything store" didn't get enough of it.

It would be a bit unrealistic to fit in all these new employers to the existing workplace, we assume. And that is why Amazon is opening 100 new buildings this month including fulfillment centers, delivery stations and, sortation centers. Still, many of the open positions will be fulfilled at the company's current buildings.

The avid candidates may apply through the company's website.

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